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After the vendor is purchased we will go thru each vendor and their strong points. We will have a TELEPHONE BUSINESS MEETING  to determine which vendor is best for you within 24 hours of purchasing. 

We ask you to not share this information for out of ever 10 factories we visited , we only chose one. We spent hundreds or thousands making this list and this information is to kept private. 


I have been all around the world, many times. I have tested and confirmed some of the best vendors including fast shipping speeds, high affordable quality , variety of products and the best customer service. You can waste over $20,000 over the years testing vendors  like i did or you can invest in this list and  level up - Ms. Pinckney 


The search for top quality virgin hair is no more. Packaging vendor included. 



-High Quality  Bundles

-You can custom color your own full lace density & lace color.

-Affordable Bundles 

-Raw Full Lace Wigs, Raw Custom Density Weft Wigs, Raw Bundles, lifts to level 10

-Virgin Human Hair Packaging

- Multi Colored Full Lace 

-Best full lace wigs in the game. Knots come bleached if requested. Top quality Virgin Hair.

Custom color any color for +$20. Customize Density

-Best 360 wigs. Ask for top quality. Lifts to 613


After Purchase, vendor list will be emailed to the email on file within 10 hours.

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